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im not the greatest at reveiwing things and or getting my thoughts out. unless it is an image or music.

but here go’s

headphones are vital to anyone in the dj world. they first need to be durable, they need to be cofortable, lightweight and also need to reproduce sound that is not overly bass heavy. and provide clear reproduction of whatever it is we need to monitor. and if all those boxes are ticked, they do need to look rad. (some people may not agree with the last statement)

I have used a few different sets in my time djing. I have used cheap and not so nasty berhinger which suprisingly were not too bad although they were pretty much an exact cosmetic copy of Technics dj headphones. The main problem I had with these was the size. as was the problem with some pioneer and sony headphones i have used in the past. they seemed too heavy for the relatively small sound they output.

the past two years i have used sennheiser hd-25. originally because i needed a small portable pair of headphones that were easy to replace parts. and would stand up to prolonged use at high levels.and they have been great.

over the past couple of years the brand danish brand AIAIAI has been making moves in the portable ear-bud headphone market. and more recently the track headphone.

I heard the news of the AiAiAi about 9 months ago. and the boys at orange giant agency have been spreading the hype considerably since then. 

unfortunately with a lot of brands who market so called “dj headphones” just don’t match up to the quality of professional audio brands. so although the original photos of the TMA-1s were impressive i was still a little skeptical of how they would sound. Although the campaign that went with the hype around the release had some reassuring videos. and some heavy testing by the likes of. FLYING LOTUS, A TRAK, to name only a few 

had the opportunity to test these out this weekend. again thanks to the boys at orange giant. My original worries of sound quality in comparison to my HD-25’s were smashed out of the park. these things held up on par if not better than the senns. they were comfortable and as has been said before murdered out in all matt black.

As they were designed with true industrial design practice in mind. the form is a result of the products function. they sound amazing and look amazing. there is nothing on the headphones that doesnt need to be there. there isnt even a visible logo. which to me is letting everyone know that these are the real deal. to me products that need no or little branding and let the function of the product just live for itself is a true sign of quality.

stripped back to its essential parts and forms. these things are worth their weight in gold.

I had a bit of a go with the foam pads, and to me it dropped a bit too much of the low end out. so i will be sticking to the original earpads for now. untill i figure out if the foam ones are worth using.

the coiled cord to me is perfect. it isnt too long. but has a little bit of stretch in it which to me is important. especially when you have people walking around you in a dj booth. the cord is also 100% replaceable as it attaches with a small headphone jack. also handy if you have people walking around in front of you pulling out your cords.

if you are in the market for a good sturdy pair of performance headphones that dont only look the part. but perform to the standard that we all need these are for you.

i would suggest these to anyone and back them 100%

check out the site for more info. and get in touch with the boys at orange giant if you are in the market for some. or keep an eye out at your local store. and if they arent there put the heat on them to get them in.




will update more on them in the future.

here is the track to listen to when you get a pair.



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